September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Hey family!!!! Glad that everything is going well! MOM CONGRATS ON PASSING YOUR TEST! I knew you'd pass it just fine. I said a prayer for you right when you started haha. I'm glad you get to keep on moving forward with your studies! KACEY CONGRATS ON YOUR LICENSE! I knew you'd be able to get it! How's the driving alone going this week? Which car are you driving? Jake, sorry about your race...but there are always others and you're going to be able to get better! Just remember it's about having fun, not about winning! TJ glad you had fun at the carnival! Dad, say hi to Katherine Hyer if you see her! I can't believe she's home now!!!!! And also... I don't know any of the people you're talking about... I think I've been away from home for a few years haha. 

PS... WE ALL LAUGHED at the picture when Brett was dressed in his lederhosen. The elders got a kick out of it haha

Well this week was another week of WORK. We're working hard and coming home tired everyday. We were lucky enough to have training with President Archibald this week and I learned a lot from our training meeting. We focused on how every area is really "Ripe and ready to harvest" President Monson has said that every area in every mission in the world is ready to harvest if we just keep working hard and searching for people. President then taught us how to be "champions"...not winners..."champions". He talked to us about how we need to do what we do...and do it well. He said that it's not about winning, but is about having a fire in your heart that gets you up in the morning to work hard. He then asked what we want our family names to represent...right now...and what we want our children to be like. What do you want your future family to represent? He talked about how the things we do right now in the mission, and the lessons we learn... really are more for our future lives than for the here and now. Our mission will determine our future and the type of families we're going to have. It made me think a lot...and it made me think about how grateful and proud I am to be a CARR. 

Well...we're probably going to drop Hermano Jose. He comes to church, reads, keeps some commitments, but he absolutely refuses to pray to God, ask if these things are true, and be baptized. He's a little prideful and wants to figure things out on his own...but the Gospel doesn't work that way. He refuses to ask the Lord on this one, so we can't help him very much. 

We're constantly searching for new people to teach. I know that we're so close to being super successful! We found a family of four yesterday that is really awesome. I  think they're going to progress. I felt comfortable with them the moment I entered their house. They laughed at my jokes and we all just felt really good...and then to teach the spirit was so strong and THE DAD said that there has to be a reason that we contacted him the other day, and that he believes the Book of Mormon is going to give him the answers he's seeking. That made me so happy.

I hope you guys got to watch the Women's Conference! I watched it in Spanish, but it was awesome! This time I understood haha

Well...enjoy General Conference for me. I still have to wait until October 11 to watch it....


Hermana Carr 

My district with President and Sister Archibald

Elders Almazan and Arnett with Hermana Gomez and me

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