September 4, 2014

Sept. 1, 2014

Hey famiilllyyyy!!!!

Oh my gosh. Your pictures made me SOOOOO JEALOUS!!!! It looks like you had a blast at Ranier...we have to go when I get back :) Glad you had so much fun! Thanks for getting those letters passed out, and Kacey I'm so glad you got yours! Sorry it came a little bit late! 

I KNOW MOM, I can't believe the gap is closing in. My time in San Diego flew by so fast I can't believe that it's September. 


It was so hard to say goodbye to San Diego. The members there are so loving and I miss them a ton. I didn't want a goodbye party...which is a typical tradition in that ward, so I was running around all day long saying bye to my converts. It was hardest to say goodbye to L.and R. and their family. Little S. cried so hard. We were there for hours and I didn't want to leave. I feel like it's my time to progress again though. I miss Hermana Kim, I miss my converts and my bishop, but this is a new adventure and my new companion is fantastic as well. 

WELL... I had cambios. I'm now serving in Los Olivos, Barrio Los Proceres! haha I'm right next door to my old area...mas o menos. I'm in the neighboring zone... I saw Hermana Cusy and Aixa and Sasha yesterday on a bus, it was really awesome. My new companion is Hermana Gomez from Argentina. She has six months in the mission and she's super awesome. We have the same  goals, she's a hard worker and super spiritual. I have a feeling that we're going to have a lot of success here. Oh and guess what! I'm in the same ward as my Zone Leaders again, one of them is Elder Arnett (the one that ate my food like...a year ago in Caraz haha). We're going to have a lot of fun in this area! 

My area is huge. And we're whitewashing it again. The Lord always sends me to open and white wash... I think He knows I like to start things from scratch and do them my own way haha. But it's been super good. We've had a kind of crazy week, but Hermana Gomez and I have already had a lot of success and we've been working SUPER hard. I'm excited to tell you about some of the little miracles that we've seen in our first few days here in this area.

Like I said, our area is than Caraz huge...there's like a bagillion people here. But we're figuring things out. Something President told a long time ago was that we need to walk around our area the first week get there to see where we feel the Spirit. Well the Hermanas had just barely moved to a new apartment, and we felt the spirit in that sector more than any other. So we're focusing there first. It makes more sense because it's the closest to the Capilla and to our house.

We've been contacting everyone.We had some really cool experiences. The first miracle is that I decided to contact a lady that was with a little boy. It turns out that it was her grandson and she told us that her daughter was going through a really nasty divorce and was stuck with her three kids and was having a hard time. Just then her daughter showed up and we asked if we could visit her the next day. We did. The spirit was So strong the whole lesson, she accepted baptism, and she came to church with us on Sunday. She's awesome and we're going to meet her daughters and teach them too.

The other miracle was Jose. We met him contacting as well. My companion was super brave to talk to him, because he's way up there on the catholic line and he had a lot of quesitons. But we handled it really well and bore testimony and he expalined to us that he was looking for the truth and feels like something is missing from his church. We had an awesome lesson again and he had lots of questions, but he kept telling us that he feels something special, and when he came to church he was very impressed with how different it was. I am positive that he will progress as well. He's a widower that has a fifteen year old daughter, he's a really great dad. 

PRAY FOR BOTH OF THEM PLEASE. They have two fechas and I want them to make it to baptism, they're such great people that can benefit from the Gospel. 

I love you guys. Thanks for everything you do for me. I miss you and I'm so excited about our new area. I see a lot of potential here. Please pray  for my families and converts in Caraz and San Diego as well. I love them. I miss them. It's hard not being able to communicate with all of them. Carmen is emailing me, so that's super awesome. And I'm close so I'll be seeing the ones from San Diego randomly I think.

I love you! Have an amazing week! You guys are the best!!!!

Hermana Carr 

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