January 14, 2015

Jan. 5, 2015

Querida Familia,
Feliz Año Nuevo!!! It sounds like you guys had a great new years with Julian and Sheri, Jake I'm sorry you were sick! Also shoutout to the Colbert Ward young men that sent me a Christmas Card, and to Kelsie Barnes for her Christmas card. So thoughtful!

Mom and Kacey, good luck with your tests! Brett, I LOVE your Christmas Card!!! 


I'm now serving in Pedro Beltran in Zone Ventanilla. And I'm serving with the wonnnderful Hermana Alonso!!!! I'm soooo excited. We have the most beautiful area! Seriously, it's a gorgeous neighborhood with pretty parks and sometimes I feel like I'm in the states. There are a ton of families here, my apartment is beautiful, and I'm just super stoked. 

This was a hectic week for us. I had THREE meetings this week. The first, Transfers...which included a STL meeting. Wednesday we had Consejo de la Mision (Hermana Archibald cooked us lunch, YUM!), and Friday Multizona. All of them lasted ALL DAY LONG so our work hours were cut down a little bit. 

New year's we fell asleep haha. The fireworks woke us up for a minute but we were both sooo tired we only watched them for a minute them went back to bed haha.

New Year's Day we contacted an amazing family. Two MARRIED parents and their two teenage daughters. They're all so adorable. We had a Noche de Hogar with them and they were excited about coming to church on Sunday. The best part is, THEY CAME. AND THEY LOVED IT. The dad, Martin, knew a ton of people there in the ward... and family that recently got baptized is also a great friend of their family. It was awesome to see how comfortable they were to be there. Sunday night we taught them the Restoration and I felt the Spirit throughout the lesson. They accepted to work with us to know if this is true and to be baptized in Febuary. Keep the B. family in your prayers. They're amazing people!

This week we also found an amazing couple, David and Maria. They just barely moved into town this week, and Hermana Alonso and her old companion contacted the family their first day here. We went to have a first lesson with them and the husband told us all about how they're trying to start from scratch and rebuild their lives. He said that's why invited us to his home. We taught the Restoration and the husband said that he was willing to keep whatever commitment that would bring them this peace and unity in their home. They came to church, participated, loved it...and they will be getting baptized at the end of the month. 

The people in this area are so friendly. My pensionist is the funniest, kindest lady and she doesn't mind that I don't eat rice and potatoes! YAY Mamá Lily! I'm super excited about these next two transfers... I know that we're going to see amazing progress, because I already feel really comfortable and unified with Hermana Alonso...and she has an amazing teaching style and just way of being.


Love you all,
Hermana Carr 
The new sister training leaders

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