January 28, 2015

Jan 18, 2015

Querida Familia Carr, 

I'm so glad that my package got to you guys! I was a little worried that it wouldn't make it haha. I'm glad you liked the keychains! I'm glad you like the pamphlet... now you can get to know all the missionaries that I talk about haha. Awww I'm so happy for Vanessa!!!! I'll definitely try to make it up for her reception when she gets married! Kacey, good luck with your finals! I'm glad you all like your keychains! Jake you should learn to love scouts...it's going to teach you a lot of useful stuff! Good luck with your math finals! TJ you're welcome, I knew you'd like the whistle!!! Dad, I'm glad Kacey's doing a good job for you...she's definitely the biggest animal lover in our family! Glad you liked the package! Love you all. 

This was an interesting week for us. Oh man, every week we have great experiences, and some disappointments as well. I've never worked as hard, nor seen as much success as I am in these weeks. I'm really excited because we have a lot of people with a lot of potential, and every week we're meeting more people that have family members in the church. 

The sad news of the week... our "miracle baptism", C..... didn't get baptized. Everything was going fine, she passed her interview, she  told us she was excited about having an eternal family and a ton of stuff... but I always felt like she was going to flake. We showed up to her house to go to the baptism, and she absolutely refused to go. She said she didn't want to get baptized...basically it's because she doesn't want to live the commandments... it's not just because she's afraid of water. We had a really sad, hard meeting with her and her husband. Her husband was super sad too, all he wants is to get sealed in the temple. 

I'm just going to rave about M. and D. S. for a little bit, because I love them. D. and M. are progressing a ton. They're going to get baptized on the 31st! They love coming to church and every time we come to their house they tell us about how different life has been since we showed up and how much the Gospel is helping them out. They both are developing really strong testimonies of the Gospel and of the Book of Mormon. We taught them the word of wisdom this week, and they gave up smoking, drinking, and coffee on the spot. M. is from the Selva, and there they drink coffee every day of their life, including when they're babies...but she gave it up! They have so much faith. We taught them the plan of Salvation and they're excited to be able to go to the temple. I love them so much, they're going to be great leaders in the  church. 

Sunday was cool, we had 10 investigators show up to church! It was a lot to handle for two missionaries solos in a ward! But it was fantastic. We're working hard with the B. family...please pray for them...it's just hard because we can only see them on Sundays. We want to help them so badly to be baptized as a family and sealed in the temple. 

Things are going well! I love my area. I love the members in our ward. I love my comp. I love our investigators. I feel useful here and I love it! And this week I get to do a work visit with Hermana Kim! I'm excited!

I love you guys so much. Thank you for all that you do and all of your support! You're the best. 

Hermana Carrrrrrrrrooo...Caren...Carla.....Carr. (Nobody ever calls me Hermana Carr.... I always have some letter attached to me name haha) 

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