December 13, 2014

Dec. 7, 2014

Hey family!

JAKE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You're officially going to be a TEENAGER! That's so weird haha. I hope you have a good one, buddy!

Sounds like you guys had a crazy week. I'm sorry to hear about Tyler's accident, and Mom I hope you're feeling better. JAKE way to go in wrestling! Seriously, awesome. Congrats to the Proudfoots, and I'm glad that Brother Colvin is doing okay. 

Mom, work visits are seriously the best. They make me feel like I'm actually helping the sisters out. But I'm not over ALL the sisters in ALL the mission. We're 6 STL. I'm just in charge of three Zones, Puente Piedra, Trebol, and Prolima (San Diego!!!!). I'm stoked because this week I get to go to San Diego and see Carmen! And Rafael and his family! I'm so excited. 

This week was a crazy one. It was a lot better than the last few weeks though. The first two weeks here I was having a really hard time adjusting, in truth I think I just needed to stuff a whopping pie of humble pie in my mouth and get over myself haha. Once I did that, my companion and I were able to work some things out and everything's going a lot smoother. 

Wednesday I went on a work visit with two sisters in Trebol. It was a really positive experience. It helped me realize that we really have the gift of discernment for the sisters under our stewardship, because last minute we decided to do splits in trios, and that I needed to visit that companionship. One of the sisters is a newer north american and she's been having a really rough time. She told me everything and we worked through how to help her feel like she's making a difference. I told her a little about my first months in the field and what a challenge it was for me...I've always found it so interesting that the Lord uses OUR challenges to bless other people later. It always makes me think of Mosiah 24. The Lord has been so merciful to me, and I'm grateful that He feels that I'm worthy enough to be an instrument in His hands. 

Thursday we had a training mulitzona with President Archibald. It was awesome. We talked a lot about Christ's organization of the primitive church and how it's been restored today. Then we talked about our sacred covenant as missionaries. How we've SET OURSELVES APART from the world. We read in the Old Testament in Numbers 6 about the Nazarites. It was really interesting. President talked about how we need to give our whole souls into this and that we need to be obedient, because we've made sacred vows with the Lord to set ourselves apart from the world, and we did it out of our own free will. It was a really shaking but really good lesson for everyone in the room. 

While we were on our work visits, Hermana Aliaga called me and told me that M. decided to get baptized on Saturday! Midweek miracle! M.l is an 11yr old. Her sister recently got baptized, but M. didn't want to. Her mom called Hna. Aliaga and told her that M. changed her mind and was telling all of her friends. M. is a really sweet girl, she's  got a huge heart. We became fast friends the moment I came to this area. Her baptism on Saturday was simple, just with the missionaries and her family because she's very shy and didn't want people to come. But it was sweet. 

Hermano O. is progressing a TON. He's going to get baptized on the 20th and he's doing everything he can on his part to reach that goal. He also wants to serve a mission! Awesome. 

We're still looking for a family that's going to progress to baptism. I'm super excited for Hermana Gomez, because she's been telling me about some miracles that are happening with people that we contacted and worked with together. We planted a lot of seeds in the three months that I was in Proceres, and now it looks like she's going to harvest a lot of the results. It makes me so happy. 

I love you guys! I hope you have a wonderful week. Thanks for all of your support and love!!! 

Hermana Carr 

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