December 22, 2014

Dec 15, 2014

Hey family!

 Mom great job on your classes! Seriously I'm so proud of you, and I'm glad that you're done with school now so that you can relax a little bit! I don't know how you do everything you do and still prepare the perfect relief society lesson! (Kelsie told me it was amazing this week!). Glad that you guys are helping Shannon and Tyler get all settled in and that Jake had an awesome birthday! I can't believe everyone is already coming home, time flies so fast. TJ, sounds like you're getting into airsoft guns! How cool is that?! TJ, now that I'm in Lima I don't see very many cool animals...just a lot of hairless dogs haha. But there are lots of animals in LA SELVA, the jungle that's like 15 hours from where I live. Jake, glad you had such an awesome birthday, so jealous you went to Anthony's! And Kacey, you're going to have to help me with my hair and makeup when I get home! I think I've forgotten how to do it haha. Sister Janney wrote me and told me that you're looking more gorgeous every day! I love you all tons! 

This week was a good one! We've worked through some difficulties and things are looking a lot better. Hermano O. is going to get baptized this Saturday, and I'm super excited for him. I already told you about what a miracle it was that he came to church. I know his baptism is going to be special, he's a lot like C. in the sense that he asks a lot of really good questions and is totally committed to do whatever the Lord tells him to do. Last night we had a Noche de Cine and watched the Testaments. At the end I got up to close the meeting and I saw that he was crying when Christ appeared to the people in the Americas. I felt the spirit stronger than ever when we watched that part, and it was just really special for all of us that were there. 

Wednesday I had a work visit with Hermana Hewitt from Utah. She's finishing her mission in two weeks, so I don't really know what I was able to do to help her, but we had some great conversations to help her stay motivated until the end. I had a really special feeling going back to San Diego. I felt the spirit more strongly there than I had in a while, more than anything confirming to me that I did a good job when I was there. It was overwhelming. I just felt so much love for the people there, and I think I've forgotten what that feels like for a while. I want to have that feeling again. I was able to see S., A. and N., L. and R.'s kids. Mom, they were so excited about the Christmas package. I wish you guys could have seen their faces when I walked up to their house! They couldn't believe it was actually me, they thought they wouldn't ever see me again! (PS, Nicole asked when I'm going to come back to Peru with my family so that she can meet them haha SO cute). E. was there, the girl that almost got baptized when I was there, and backed out last minute. We shared the HE IS THE GIFT video with them. And there was such a special Spirit. Eli told me that she wants to go back to church. I was so excited for her. I felt the spirit so strongly that this time she's going to get baptized. Funny enough, I ran into her AGAIN today when I was leaving the clinic to come to internet... I think the Lord is trying to tell us both something. I really hope she gets baptized soon. Then Carmencita accompanied us to all of our lessons in the afternoon. Mom, you know how you call Kelsie...SUNSHINE wherever she goes? C. is like the peruvian version of Kelsie... she just brings joy to everyone around her. It was so great to be with her again. It was a wonderful, tender mercy to be able to visit them. I also ran into Cy, she and her daughters aren't going to church right now but we had a good short talk in the street and I'm praying that they go back. Being in San Diego reminded me of the love that I had for the people there, I think that was the closest I ever got to feeling true CHARITY. I want to feel it again and I'm striving now to feel that way here in Puente. 

I love you guys and I hope you have a wonderful week. I know that this Gospel is true. I feel it in every fiber of my being, and my testimony increases every time I talk about my Savior or about the Restoration. I'm so grateful that we have the truth at this time on the earth. Share  the Gospel with your friends, it's the best Christmas present you can give. And it's so much easier to share during this time when everyone remembers Christ's birth! 

Con cariño,
Hermana Carr 
Hermama H. C. and Me

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