May 27, 2014

May 26, 2014

Hey family! Sounds like you guys had an awesome, and suuppper busy week! I'm so happy to hear it.

Kacey, Karley sent me pictures of the zipline last week, it looks insane but so fun!! Sounds like you had a blast. 

 Mom, Thank you for your fasting and your prayers... you've been giving me the strength I need to keep on working hard, and I have no doubt that your help has contributed to the miracles we had this week. LOVE YOU

Dad, sounds like it was a good sacrament meeting this week. Cool story about the Australian family! I'm so glad Brett's recital went well and that WORK WAS BUSY. That makes me so happy! Definitely keep me posted on Coco! Well Dad, just remember that a lot of it has been influenced by you and mom. Seriously, you two are the best examples for all of us. Just know that my testimony has grown 100 fold since I've been here, and it's only going to grow more. I know what's at stake, and I know WHY I'm active in the church and that isn't going to change. Thank you for your examples for us. Brett's going to learn so much on his mission. I know you miss us, but just remember what we're doing :) It's weird, a year ago today I was in your mission...and now I'm in Peru on MY mission! Life is nuts. I love you daddy! 


Well, this has been the most exhausting, miraculous, amazing week of my mission...and I didn't even have a baptism...YET haha. 

Monday was a super fun pday, and then right after we went out and worked HARD. Hermana Kim and I have been trying to put into practice EXACT obedience and the things we have been learning from President Archibald and Elder Waddell...and guess's working. Thank you for all of your prayers and fasting because I know it's been helping too. 

Monday night we went to visit L...the lady that found us in the park a few weeks ago. We hadn't been able to visit her for a while, because she had just been swamped with things to do and we had a hard time getting ahold of her. But this time we finally got to go. Well she had invited her younger sister to come listen to us. We taught her sister, E....and L.'s son S. We invited them to be baptized and they both immediately said yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! E said that she has cousins that are LDS and that she has always loved the way they live and the people that they are. She said that she's just been WAITING for us to show up and invite her to be a part of the church. The spirit was SO strong there. 

Tuesday we went and visited S. and A with their mom C (another menos activa that we've been working with...that we miraculously found in the street our first week here) and they both also accepted to be baptized on June 7th!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday we went back to teach L, E, and S. This time E brought her mom to listen to us. Her mom told us that her sisters are LDS and that she's been wanting to learn more for a really long time...that before she just wasn't very open but now she wants to be a part of this. She also accepted a baptismal date!!!!!!! 

We worked hard with them, and also trying to find new people, and also working hard with conversos and menos activos. It was a crazy week, we had more lessons than I've EVER had in one week....we came home at 9:30 exhuasted every night, but SO SO HAPPY. 

Sunday rolled around and we went to church. I had the feeling that L and her family weren't going to show up. We went looking for them at their house and they were nowhere to be found. S and A came. But L, E, S, and G (their mom) didn't. I was super sad. They had been progressing all week, reading and praying and then they didn't come to church! Well last night we went to visit them and found E in the street. We were able to talk to her, figure out what happened...and when we explained that we had to move her baptismal date she was super sad, but understood and accepted to be baptized on the 21st. Then we went to her sister's apartment to talk to L and S...and guess what...WE GOT TO MEET L'S HUSBAND!!!!! He was FINALLY home. We were able to teach HIM the Restoration and while he was a little harder to crack, he told us that he'll read and pray and he accepted to be baptized with his son on the 21st!!! Suddenly I realized why their baptismal dates fell through and why they didn't come to was because we needed to meet S's dad to be able to teach him in time for them to be baptized TOGETHER. We're going to complete a family, and I feel SO blessed to be a part of it. 

I feel so humbled and so blessed this week. I have a testimony that the Lord really is preparing His children to receive the gospel. I can see R and L going to the temple in a year and sealing their family for all eternity. It's so beautiful. Thank you for all of your prayers, fasting, and support...and pllleease keep it coming! I love you all so much and I'm so grateful for everything you've been doing for me. There are angels all around helping this work move along.

Have an amazing week!!! 

Con todo mi amor,
Hermana Carr

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