June 3, 2014

June 2, 2014

This was another good week for Hermana Carr and Hermana Kim. We didn't have quite as much success finding new people to teach, but we're working hard and I know we'll find new people this week. Today is transfer day, but I don't think it will be affecting us this time around. We're just going to keep on moving.

Well more than anything, I just want to talk about yesterday...because it was an awesome day. I still need to write in my journal about it...

Saturday night I went to bed a little before Hermana Kim. When I woke up the next morning the first thing she said was "No quiero que esta triste...pero..." and explained to me that E, and L's family sent a text last night saying that they weren't able to come to church. If they didn't come that would mean that their baptismal dates would fall...again. I should have been sad, but the minute I started feeling that way, it was replaced with the calm assurance that everything would work itself out. A little disheartened, but not defeated... I got ready for the day then sat down and dedicated myself to my scriptures. I read in 3 Nephi about fasting and prayer in secret...and the blessings that the Lord will bring through it. I got down on my knees and just prayed. Asking for a miracle. Not a minute after I said "amen" the phone rang, Hermana Kim answered, then started jumping up and down mouthing "OH MY GOSH!" She hung up and then told me that by miracle, E's meeting was cancelled and she was able to come. Tears sprang to both of our eyes.

We left to go stop by L's house... and she had recently woke up.... we had 20 minutes before church started. We told her THERE'S STILL TIME and convinced her that she would be able to get the kids ready. We left, picked up C, S, A... went to church and partook of the sacrament...they still hadn't showed up. So we left and called Elizabeth and she said that she and her mom were ready and were walking to L's house. E showed up and went upstairs to help L hurry up haha. Finally we were all ready to go, and we made it to the second half of sacrament meeting. It was seriously a miracle.

Miracle part two. We showed up to church again, and there weren't seats... so we stood in the doors with the elders. one of them pointed out a girl that was sitting in the meeting and told me that she was a friend of a member that is super interested in the church, and lives in OUR area. We were able to meet her afterwards and scheduled an appointment to meet with her the same day. She stayed for all three hours of church. We went to Carmen's house at 5, and shared the Restoration with her. She was super receptive, then explained to us that she had a lot of questions...that she is always asking her Mormon friends at work about what we believe, and that she believes the Lord has given her this curiosity for a reason. Her friend had already given her a Book of Mormon and she had already read through all of the introductory pages. Her questions were sincere and really good and I really think she'll progress rapidly. 

Last night we went to L's house and found R there. He didn't come to church today because he showed up from work at like 4 or 5 in the morning. He drives a delivery truck and so his schedule is really crazy. We were able to read 2 Nephi 31 with him, talked about the importance of baptism, and then talked to him about the blessings he would bring to his family when he joins the church. We explained to him that he's the key to having his family sealed for eternity in the temple, and the longer he puts off his baptism, the longer they have to wait for those blessings. He took it really well and told us that he would start praying and would bring his Book of Mormon to work with him. 

I KNOW that the Lord is looking out for me and the area that I'm in. I know that He is seeing the efforts of Hermana Kim and I, as well as all the love, support, prayers, and fasting you guys are offering on our behalf. I'm so grateful for a family that supports me every step of the way. I think I've finally found the joy that motivates the missionaries to keep on going....this area is teaching me so much.

I love you con TODO MI CORAZON. Les amo bastante y yo se que tengo que servir aquí ahora. El Señor esta ayundando en cada paso que tomo en esta obra. El conoce Sus hijos. Somos Sus hijos y el quiere cada uno de nosotros a poder a recibir los bendiciones del Evangelio, de bautismo y del templo. Yo se que esta es La Iglesia de Jesucristo mismo. El nos ama. El es nuestro Salvador. Solo por medio de El y so evangelio nosotros podemos recibir la vida eterna.

Les amo,
Hermana Carr 

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