June 13, 2014

June 9, 2014

WOOOOOWWWWWWW. The family's had a CRAZY week! 
TJ, I'm glad you're okay buddy! Sorry about your foot, it looks like it hurt really bad. Can you walk on it? 
Kacey! Way to go! Um....yeaahhh you were fabulous, I watched the video clip dad sent me and I'm bawling haha. You look gorgeous and you sound great! Beautiful job baby girl!
Brett, OH MY GOSH. DOWN TO THE WIRE. I'm freaking out for you haha. I can't believe how fast the time has gone by since you got your call, and now you're LEAVING. Congrats on your graduation, the pics are awesome and I'm glad you won something at the all nighter haha. Enjoy your last week at home, spend a ton of time with the family...you'll realize really quick that it's them you miss more than anything else... and EAT GOOD FOOD. All week. I don't know what Germany is like...but man I miss mom's cooking haha
Jakers, good luck at your piano recital and congrats on your 100%, that's awesome. Why are you guys going to Utah? 
Mom, sounds like you've had a crazy week. Where did the countertop come from that fell on Tj's leg? When do you finish clinicals and school for the summer? Glad Tj's all taken care of. Awww Sam!!! I can't believe he's home, I'm so old. He'll get it figured out real soon, is he going to school for Summer term or is he just going to hang out at home? Tell him I say hi and to write me, I want to hear about how his mission went! 
Dad, once again...glad you've got connections and Tj is okay! I LOVE your picture on the trek property, it's awesome! SISTER TENNY IS HOME?! OH MY GOSH....that means Kristy is getting home next month...that's nuts. Yeah, my friend Kristy Rich was in the same mission, Spanish speaking. Time is flying by. I'm sad Grandpa and Grandma can't go, but it's still going to be a beautiful experience. Take lots of pictures :) 

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DADDY! I love you tons! Thanks for always being such an amazing example for me. You're my rock. I've been so blessed to have a dad that has been in my life and so faithful to the Gospel. Thanks for being such a good father and husband and for always being there for me. You always say exactly what I need to hear and I'm so grateful for you in my life. 

So...to explain the coke pictures... haha. My zone leaders last transfer were my best friends haha. There was a coca cola promotion here for MUNDIAL (the world cup). If you collected enough "goles"...or coke caps, you could trade them in for a bunch of cheap, worthless stuff. So we had a competition and ended up getting our backpacks on the same day! It was fun while it lasted...and perfect timing because Elder Acero got transfered :( He was an awesome leader. 

This was a beautiful week for us. Like I told you guys last week, we found a miracle girl named C .at church last Sunday. Her friend had brought her to church and introduced her to us (her friend isn't even in our ward). Well last week we started teaching her. She didn't accept a baptismal date right off the bat. On Thursday we went to visit her again and we felt that we needed to explain to her how she will receive her answer about if this is the truth or not. It was a really spiritual lesson and then C. shared something that made me repent al toque. She told us that her friends at work had told her that if she wanted to learn more, she just needed to look for the missionaries in her area. If she walked by, they would greet her and she could ask them to come visit her (her friends at work live far away, so they only teach her when they're working). Well she told us that one day she saw us talking to the elders, I think it was after internet or something, and she walked by TWICE trying to get the courage to say something to us...but we didn't even see her and she was too scared to come up to a huge crowd of people. I felt like such a failure when she told me that. I should have been listening to the spirit and I should have noticed her, I apologized to her right off the bat and told her that it was our fault that we didn't get to teach her sooner, luckily she has an awesome friend, Roberto, who told her he would come to church with her and introduce her to the missionaries in her ward. She came to the baptism on Saturday and Sunday she told us she received her answer at the baptism. She's getting baptized for sure on the 28th. She's progressing so fast. 

On Saturday, S. and A. got baptized! It was beautiful! We had a little bit of drama trying to find baptismal clothes...but once the program started, it was beautiful. Hermana Kim and I sang Be Still My Soul (in English...there isn't a version of it in Spanish) with our awesome friend Elder Dunn on the piano. The spirit was SO strong... Cusy (they're mom) was crying and a so was one of the gringo elders. It was beautiful. They both looked so cute and it was a great day. They're going to progress so much with their mom. 

We're working with a lady that we found named R.. She met with the missionaries 6 years ago in Huaraz, but never got baptized because she couldn't quit smoking. Well now she's ready to make some changes in her life. She quit smoking when she got married, but she recently went through a divorce. She picked up smoking again when her kids are with her ex, because she feels alone. We started teaching her every other day this week, and on Friday we taught her the Plan of Salvation and made a plan to help her quite smoking. On Sunday we came back and talked to her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, focusing on repentance. She began telling us that Friday after we left, was the time when she usually pulls out her cigarettes...but she didn't feel alone, she felt at peace. Saturday she went to smoke, and right before she put it to her lips, she thought "what am I doing?" and threw it away. Tears filled her eyes as she told us that this is the road that she wants to follow. It's amazing to be able to see the Atonement working through someone. The Atonement is REAL. Jesus Christ really can help us overcome all things. I feel so blessed to be a part of this work at this time. 

This is the work of the Lord. This is His Gospel and His church. The power of the priesthood is real, the power of the Atonement can overcome all things. I am so excited for Brett to be able to come join me in the field. Elder Carr, you're going to bless soooo many lives and grow SO much. 

I love you all! Have an awesome week <3 

Hermana Carr 

I Love civilization!

Elder Acero with the Hermanas

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