May 20, 2014

May 18, 2014

Hey family!

Hey Brett! It's crazy when things start feeling real. Did you have to bear your testimony or anything in mish? Good luck with your senior presentation, and with your recital. You're going to do GREAT. Make sure dad sends me pics and videos of your recital. It's crazy you only have a month left. It goes by super fast so take advantage of it. I hope that my package gets to you before you leave on your mission.... anyway, GOOD LUCK with EVERYTHING this week. You've got a busy week but it's going to be an awesome one. And you're pretty much done with school, so that's awesome. Love you! 

Congrats to the Tapia family. I love them and they're in my prayers. I'm sure Baby Boy Tapia will be healthy in no time! 

Well, we had a sickly week here in San Diego. Poor Hermana Kim had a throat infection, that she partially passed on to we were quite the pair. We couldn't really talk much and just didn't feel good. Somehow though, we were still able to have a productive week.

President Archibald decided to continue training us from the training we received from Elder Waddell this week which was awesome. We had a ZONE MEETING with President and he taught us a lot more about how we can do better with our wards. He told us that the General Authorities are super pleased with our mission, that we're doing what we're supposed to....only that now we're FINE TUNING to make things run smoother than ever.

At the end of this week I was just feeling a little...bleh. After being sick all week long and having extra hours in the apartment, you let yourself think about home and all of the but, what ifs and whys. It's not a good place to be. Sunday was kind of the boiling point when we tried to go and bring people to church and completely failed. The Lord loves me though, and He was able to give me a day full of tender mercies to show it. I was playing piano for Sacrament Meeting like usual, and the front bench was filled so I ended up just sitting on the piano bench for the meeting. During that time one of the elders came up to me and told me that there was someone looking for us outside. It was C., our menos activo and her two daughters, S.and A. We had attempted to pick them up for church that morning but she said that they woke up too late to come. Well now they were at church and they told me they felt like they needed to come. In Sunday School I sat next to C. and she leaned over and told me that she felt feelings she hadn't felt in years (its been more than 15yrs since she left the church)...she was describing the Spirit. I could tell that the Lord was working a change in her. Then her daughter asked me if she was allowed to be baptized. Super cute. 

I love this work. It's hard. It takes a lot of patience. There are a lot of times when I just want to throw in the towel and say that I'm going home...or go home for a week to have mom take care of me when I'm sick haha...but the people here take care of me and the Lord is constantly reminding me that He is aware of me and He needs and wants me right here, right now. 

I love you guys and hope you never forget that. I feel blessed more and more each day to know that this Gospel has brought our family together and we will be together for eternity. Have a fantastic week and enjoy Brett's recital. I hope that it all goes well! Brett, you're going to do great :) 

Les amo mucchhhiiisssiiiimmmooo
Hermana Carr 
So Happy to have McDonalds!!

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