April 2, 2014

March 31, 2014

Dear Familia:
First of all, I want to send ALL of my love to the C family. Brother C is SUCH a strong person and example, as is all of his family. My heart broke when I read your letter today. Sometimes we just don't know why these things happen, or why some of the strongest people have to go through the most difficult trials. I love that family so much and they're in my prayers. 

This has been another slightly difficult week for us. The good news is, one of my reactivated members has a PF! We are baptizing his grandson Victor, and Victor is the BEST! Seriously he is the best! He's getting baptized on the 12th. 

Also, Hermano O got called as the Young Men's president! He immediately accepted it as a calling from the Lord. He is seriously the coolest. Everyone keeps telling me that he is the strongest convert I'm ever going to have. He is awesome. 

I just want each of you to know how much I love you, and to apologize for my lack of spiritual or super cool stories...I'm lacking in that department right now. But this week is GENERAL CONFERENCE. Don't take advantage of this opportunity. Really the gospel brings so much hope and so many answers to our questions. We've got a lot of things we're dealing with at this time in life, all of us have different trials, different doubts... but I know that if we go to conference prayerfully with these things in mind, the Lord is going to help us find the answers we seek. When an apostle or prophet speaks, it's like the Lord is speaking. I KNOW that's true. I KNOW that this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To all of my friends, members or not, I would ask that you watch conference and listen to the Prophet. I would ask that you give the Book of Mormon a try. Read it. Pray about it. Learn about WHY I'm out on a mission, or why any other of the 80,000 missionaries are serving right now.

I love you all so much and hope you have a wonderful week. Praying for Brother C and his family. 

Les amo mucho,
Hermana Carr 

PS: I can't send pictures because my SD card has a virus or something.  I'll try to get a new one and send pic next week

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