April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

Dear family:



MAN. What a week. If I'm going to be completely honest right now, I felt pretty overwhelmed by everything that happened this week. In all honesty, I'm going through a second phase of culture shock haha. 

On Monday, I spent most of the day with the C family and the missionaries. Then I went around and said goodbye to my converts. Then we went to the capilla where the members wanted to say goodbye to us before we had to leave for the combis. Tons of people came to say goodbye, and there was a lot of hugging, crying, and gift giving...I didn't know what to do...I couldn't believe how many people showed up and how many gave me gifts like it was my birthday or something. Hermana F, Hermana , Hermana J, and Hermana E cried the most and the hardest. O cried when I stopped by his house to say goodbye. I never knew what kind of influence I had on these people. I feel so blessed to have served in Caraz for six months. When we left for the combis J C, M, D, and A were all there, and they chased the car as we drove away. That image is always going to be in my head. I have to find my way back to Caraz someday. 

We drove to Huaraz. I said goodbye to Elder Garner and Hna. Cardozo, and all the other missionaries. It was rough. Then Arnett, Roco, Dorado, Jimenez, Poole, and I all got on a bus straight to Lima. It was weird because I was the only Hermana. I had five elders as my companions instead of one Hermana haha. We got to Lima and Hermana Brown and her temporary companion picked me up from the offices. It was SO good to see her again! I was able to sleep for a little bit (it was 5 in the morning), then catch up with Hermana Brown. I love that girl. We then got ready for the day and went to cambios. I played a messed up piano that went from SUPER LOUD to almost no sound at random moments...that was embarassing. President shared some thoughts, and then they started announcing the changes. I was so surprised when they said HERMANA CARR AND HERMANA KIM. SAN DIEGO 2. WHAATT?! I was going back to where I had been with Hermana Leyva for one day! San Diego is a suburb of Lima and it's pretty well developed. And Hermana Kim and I had been together for a few hours during that Lima trip as well. Funny how that works. 

Hermana Kim is from Mexico and her name from Korea haha. She's super funny and super easy to get along with. We both have a lot of things that we want to change from our last companionships, so we're working really hard and really well together. She's an energizer bunny, it's awesome. And she know's a little bit of English, which rocks too! We had a long week of trying to find our way through this area, find investigators of the old hermanas (We got white washed, which means both of us are new to the area). We didn't have a LOT of success this week, but we were contacting like crazy and did our best to follow impressions from the spirit. We're practicing the lessons together, and after a week it's starting to show. I think we're going to be a really strong companionship, and I'm developing the faith that we're going to be really successful here.

The members are SUPER sweet and helpful. Our bishop is a hard worker and very supportive. My new pensionist is WONDERFUL. Their family are all recent converts 2yrs or less ( her husband isn't a member...he has parkinsons disease). Her name is Mamuka...and she makes the best food I have ever had in my life. She cooks REALLY healthy and she's okay with the fact that I don't want rice. I've been so blessed with pensionists.

While we didn't have a lot of success numberwise this week, I could still see the hand of the Lord in my life. I've felt the spirit stronger here than I ever did my last transfer. While contacting we've found a lot of people that are menos activos, or have family in the church, which is always a step in to teaching people. I was able to teach one of those families, and as we were teaching, I recited the first vision. I have never felt the spirit as strongly as I did in that moment. When we left, Hermana Kim also commented, and we were sure that the family felt it also. 

We also had a rough experience with a family that was a reference from the elders. We went and we taught the best we could, but the dad of the family wanted to interrogate us more than he wanted the truth...it was an awful lesson and it was a horrible way to end the day...when we got home, Hermana Kim burst into tears because of it. It was sad because he asked us not to return to his house, and his little boy asked me specifically if we were going to come back, because he felt good when we were there. ouucchhh...

So yeah, that was my week. Will you please pray that we're successful here? There is a LOT of pressure in this Zone and area. I'm in a ward with my District Leader and Zone leaders haha. And where I am, a ton of the Sister Trainers have served, so there are high expectations. Just pray that things go well and that we keep up being energized and happy here. 

I love you guys so much! Thank you for all your support and your love, I feel it every day and I appreciate it so much. I can't wait to talk to you on mothers day!

Con todo mi corazon,

Hermana Carr 

O and his daughter

New companion Hermana Kim

I Love these people- they are my Peruvian family

Ciao- beautiful Caraz

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