November 4, 2014

Nov. 3, 2014

Hey familyy!

 Sounds like you had a fun Halloween. It's something that's just barely starting around here in Peru...most people say it's of the devil... We had fun last Pday though! We made pumpkin pie from scratch, with a bogus recipe haha. We were kind of just making things up as we went along. But it turned out really delicious. It was fun. We ate pumpkin pie, played the mummy wrap game, and carved pumpkins as a zone. I'm finally able to send pictures today, so get ready haha

Well this week was another week haha. We had a few miracles though and it was an eye opening week for me. 

President Archibald has been stressing on FINDING new investigators. After all there isn't any teaching until we find someone to teach. So we've been asked to come up with some creative ways to find people and introduce the gospel to them. So on Wednesday, literally all of our citas fell through and we decided THAT'S ENOUGH. So we went to the chapel, borrowed a small table, made some signs, bought some candy and went out to a busy street and started contacting people. We had a giant sign that said "who are the Mormons?" and some people started coming up to us. It was fun. We contacted a lot of people. Most live in the Elder's area, but it was still a good activity and it helped us get excited about finding other ways to contact people. 

One of our other finding ways is to teach Family Home Evening to people with little kids. We teach something super small, we teach the "if you have a frowny face" song and play don't eat pete. We found a family yesterday that just LOVED it. It was super cool. I contacted the dad with his daughters on Halloween night, and we went on Sunday to teach them. We gained their trust super fast and they were all laughing and singing and playing the game. It was super awesome. THEY invited us to come back tonight to teach them the Restoration. I'm hoping that they're a turning point for us! 

I hope you all realize just how important the Atonement is. I've been thinking about how that really is the focus of the entire Gospel. Everything we have is thanks to Jesus Christ and the sacrifice He made for us. I know that our Savior loves every one of us. He has gone through everything we have gone through, and He sees us for our potential. Sometimes I feel like I'm failing and can't get to the point that He wants me to reach. Nevertheless, I feel the strength and comfort that He gives me on a daily basis to let me know that I AM enough, that HE LOVES ME, and that He's making me more than I could ever be on my own. I'm grateful for parents that have always taught me to trust in the Lord and obey His commandments. Thank you for helping me develop a relationship with my Savior.

I hope that you all have a wonderful week. I can't believe that yesterday marked an entire year in el campo misional. A year ago I met President Archibald and got shipped off to Caraz with Hermana Cueva. The time has flown by. I love you all!

<3 Hermana Carr 

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