November 4, 2014

Oct 27, 2014

Hey fammmillyy!!! 
Mom, it sounds like you're having some amazing experiences in the nursing program! I'm glad you're enjoying it so much! Haha Kelsie is such a ray of ssuunnsshhine. I'm glad her talk went so well! love yyouu!
TJ, I'm so excited you're playing volleyball! Sounds like a blast! I miss the Fall :( We don't really have fall here. It's getting warm and it's almost summer here. Love you dude!
Dad, I'm so sad you missed Kelsie's talk :( But I'm glad you got to listen to her report, and her mission president is awesome...his talk hit EVERYTHING I needed to hear at this point in my mission. Love you! 
Querido poco chancho...I hope you realize that name doesn't make any sense haha. sorry BYU is getting beat up in everything :( Are you wrestling AND playing basketball this year? Way to go with your grades!  Love you! 
Kacita, I hope all your tests go well this week! I'm so proud of you and everything you're doing in APUSH. I hope you do well on everything! I think it's cool you have a friend from Germany now too, you can connect a lot with Brett that way! Love you girl, and BE SAFE ON THE ROADDDSSS!!! 

Well we had a.....week. haha. Okay...Monday thru Saturday was just the worst...but Sunday came and we saw a lot of miracles. Hermana Gomez and I figured out that we spent about 35 hours in the street this week...walking, talking...but not teaching. It  was horrible. It was hot and we were tired and nothing happened. But we kept getting up each morning with the hope that we'd find somebody soon. We always spent so much time in the street...but we also always ended up finding someone to teach at the end of the day.

Then Sunday came...okay first off, Sunday was the ward primary program. It was seriously the cutest thing ever. It was even more disorganized than ours are hahaha, but I felt the spirit as the little kids bore their testimonies, and was amazed by how adult-ish some of them sounded as they gave their talks. It was super cute. 
In the afternoon we had two citas fall through, but we managed finding other people to teach, so that was good! Then we met a girl name Milagros that seriously is so much like Carmen! She was really receptive to what we taught and accepted a baptismal date! She's twenty and looks like someone I know from BYU haha. The spirit was so strong as we taught her. She doesn't participate in any religion right now, but she wants to make those changes in her life. Then at the end of the day we found a familiy of four that are really awesome and live really close to the chapel. We had a lesson with them at 9 so we were only able to teach them a short message about the family: proclamation and bear our testimonies of the Gospel...but they were super excited about what we were teaching and invited us to come back, they are so prepared.

I just keep praying that we're going to figure out the way to start baptizing in this area. It worries me a little bit because we're already halfway through the cambio and we haven't had a ton of progress here....but whatever happens will happen and I'm just going to keep moving forward with a smile on my face sharing the Gospel with anybody that's ready to listen. I'm determined to find families to baptize and I feel like I'm doing my part to make it happen. The Lord has humbled me in so many ways in this area, and I'm grateful for the lessons I'm learning about myself. 

I love you all. I'm so grateful for this Gospel and I'm grateful for the chance that I have to share it with the people of Peru. My testimony grows stronger every day as I learn to rely on the Atonement of my Savior. I know that this is His church. I know that this is HIS work. I know that I'm in HIS hands and that He is going to continue helping me to find success.

I love you and hope you have a Happy Halloween and wonderful week! We're going to attempt to make pumpkin pie and carve pumpkins it should be a fun PDAY :) 

Hermana Carr   

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