July 20, 2014

July 14, 2014

Hola Familia <3

So this was another one of those weeks haha. I'm working hard, I'm trying to get better every day... I think the Lord is just trying my patience and my faith. 

This week was a little crazy/scary for our district. My zone leader ended up getting gall bladder surgery out of nowhere. He's healing up now, but keep him in your prayers! 

So this week, we haven't really had any success finding new people that are at the point of progression. BUT I've still seen how the Lord is using us as missionaries to bring the light of the Gospel to those that really need it.

First of all...C. I know I talk about her ALL the time, but seriously she's amazing. I feel so humbled and blessed that the Lord allowed me to be the means of bringing the gospel to her because she's changing lives. She decided that she wants to do Personal Progress even though she's an adult haha. She's going to help a beehive get her medallion and they're going to do it together. She's also helping reactivate some YSA that are inactive in our area, and is constantly visiting and serving people in the ward. She has three weeks as a member and she's already changing the face of the work in Barrio San Diego. She's a complete rock with a solid testimony and nobody ever believes that she's a recent convert. She absorbs and applies information so quickly, it's like she's been a member all of her life. She's a blessing in my life... She reminds me a lot of how mom describes Kelsie... a ray of sunshine for everyone she meets. 

I've also learned about the importance and inspiration of nightly planning. We've decided to search for old investigators that the other missionaries had in the last three or four years. We felt inspired to search in Manzana Q one day at 7:00. We didn't really know why. Well we went and randomly ran into Hermana G. a new convert of the elders that recently moved into our area. She's a single mom of two kids and the sweetest woman that you could ever meet. She asked us if we could come in and visit her...we had showed up as she was entering the house...well the room that she's renting. She had us sit down for a moment and left the room to heat up water for some hot chocolate. She brought back dinner for her kids and a little plate of rice and yuca for each of us. Then she sat down and her eyes watered up as she told us she prayed that we would come visit her and that the same day she had lost her job. It was obvious that she was in serious need. I felt sick to my stomach as I had a plate of rice when it should have been her kid's breakfast the next morning. The thing is, when they give you food out of nowhere, you have to accept it. We shared some scriptures with her and helped her to calm down. She kept saying everything would be alright...but there were little things that she said that made us realize she really was near the bottom of the barrel. I felt the spirit testify to me that we needed to be there at that exact moment, because nobody else knew about her situation. We  called the bishop the next morning, and went to buy some breakfast for her family. Things are getting taken care of now and I just feel so blessed to know how much the gospel really blesses people and how as members of the church we are called to bear each other's burdens and help each other move forward.

Last night we were able to teach a single father who's wife had abandoned him and his son. We taught him in the chapel. The first thing he said when he came in was "Wow, it's so peaceful here" He immediately felt the spirit and had lots of good questions. He accepted to be baptized, so we're praying that he will progress.  

It wasn't that successful of a week, but I'm looking forward to a better one. I know the Lord is with me and is teaching me more everyday. I'm learning a ton and I'm becoming more converted to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

I love you guys and hope you have a wonderful week!

BONUS: We had a Sacrament meeting adventure with a little puppy that came into the meeting. I was playing the piano and when she got sick of wandering around she came and fell asleep on my feet haha. Well she felt like she had to follow us to all our classes. I kicked her out of the chapel...but somehow she snuck back in and got locked on the grounds until we came back for our lesson with a new investigator. We named her Manty (mantequilla)...and she followed us all around up until we came to internet this morning hahaa.  

<3 Hermana Carr 

Some members of our ward

Taking "Manty" Out of church

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