March 18, 2014

March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick´s Day Everyone!!!! Haha, I read that part of your letter outloud...realized it was St. Patricks Day... and that magically I´m wearing green... must be lucky! We all forgot that today is a ¨holiday¨...that´s what happens when you´re in a foreign country and it isn´t Ireland haha.
Yep things are slow here, but we´re working hard. Please pray that we find new investigators because we´re having a hard time finding anybody that can progress. 
As far as Dad's talk for the youth this week goes...I would tell them the same things that we tell our menos activos and investigators. There are three things that they need to always do individually... READ the Book of Mormon every single day. PRAY always, multiple times a day. GO TO CHURCH every week, don´t miss it for ANYTHING. And as a family, pray and read together every night and have family home evening. Really I can see the difference in the families that are doing these things and those that aren´t. Every person needs to develop a REAL relationship with the Savior. It starts with faith, and faith requires action. Through these simple things, their testimonies are going to grow and they´re going to realize that they wouldn´t give up the gospel for anything. I love in 2 Nefi 4 where Lehi talks about how he has trusted in the Lord and the blessing that has been to him...when we trust in the Lord more than ourselves, that is when our testimonies grow and we can avoid the struggles and temptations of the world. Good luck with your talk Daddy, it´s going to be great!
This week was a continuation of the crazy. My last Pday was really good with Hermana L. We had a lot of fun together, and her district was awesome. Her zone leader, Elder R, had cambios and the ward had a little get together for him. He is a really smiley guy from Chile who really has a light about him. When I met him I could just tell he genuinely loves his mission and loves people. The impact he has had on that ward was obviously drastic, and it really made me reflect on the kind of missionary I am. I could just tell E. R is the kind of missionary I want to be. Someone with the light of Christ that generally wants to give his all for the Gospel. I hope I can develop that kind of Christlike love for the people I serve....I want to be an Elder R.
Tuesday....CAMBIOS!!!!! Ahhhh! I was so sad because I knew I wasn´t going to be with Hermana L., and she´s so cool! Her dad was the mission president in the Lima East mission a few years ago...she´s awesome. But she got called as a trainer! I ran into my buddy Elder Garcia, and it was sooo much fun to catch up with him. He´s headed home after this transfer and I didn´t think I would see him again, it was blast to catch up with him. We sat next to each other during cambios and he kept teasing me that I was going to train...but finally there was ONE misionera left... and Hermana L. got called to train her. I made it safe this round haha, I wasso scared. But then my face popped up on the screen....with HERMANA CARDOZO from Argentina! She´s 20... and she has three months in the mission. She JUST finished her we´re both newbies in the middle of nowhere haha. We finished up cambios, I got to say goodbye to a lot of my Lima friends, then we went on splits with some of the missionaries (after lunch) as we were waiting to go to our bus. I was on splits with Hermana H. from Australia, and she is HILARIOUS. We had a blast together! Then we went back to the offices and got to know the new kids in our Zone and I talked with the office elders for a while. I was the only alumni from Huaraz so that was fun. We went to the bus station and slept on the bus all night.
We had a good week, visiting conversos and menos activos. We are trying to find new investigators that will progress but so far we haven´t had any luck. Yesterday was Hermana Flor´s birthday so today all of us are going to cook with her and give her a birthday apron with notes from all the missionaries. Should be good!!!
Hermana Cardozo is really great. We´re both newbies but we both have the desire to share the gospel and help people develop faith in the Savior and in the truth. It will be great to get to know her and work with her this transfer!
I love you all sooooo much! Brett I´m still so stoked for your mission call! My planner this transfer has the picture we took before I left, and everyone keeps asking where you´re serving, so cool that we´ll be serving together.
Love you tons, Happy St. P day and have a wonderful week!
Hermana Carr
Me and Hermana H from Austrailia with her Vegemite

Me and Hermana L

My New companion Hermana Caradozo!

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