January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014
 This is tuna! Only here it's a fruit not a fish
 Hermana Cueva and me wearing our New Year's yellow and drinking Aunt VeLynn's hot chocolate!
My Christmas package finally made it! I love peanut butter!!!

January 6, 2014
Happy New Year Fam Bam!
Sounds like you had a great New Year´s Eve and that it was a ton of fun. I´m sorry that your break is over and life is starting up again, just remember some of us don´t have a life break hahahaha. Brett, I´m glad that you´re doing better and that you´ve healed up so quickly. Mom thank you for sharing that scripture with me, I just read it last week and LOVE it. KACEY, you taugh a family history class? TEACH ME, TEACH ME! I was such a slacker in all of that, I want to learn so bad now. Jake, way to put up a fight in your game, that´s awesome. And I´m jealous you got to go see the eagles. TJ, you have AWESOME new teachers, and don´t hurt yourself skiing like Brett, okay? Bahaha Brett, I´m glad you love disney princess movies, that one line made my day. And if you´re in Gospel Doctrine, heck you ARE old. Good luck with your finals, after those you´re basically done with school...second semester is a breeze. I wrote dad in the other email. I LOVE YOU GUYS!
This has been a great week! Last week was a real battle for me, but one of the American Elders was kind enough to give me a blessing before everyone showed up for District meeting this week and ever since then I´ve felt so much more at peace and so much more able to do these things, and ít´s definitely shown in our performance this week as well.
New Years was special haha. Obviously we didn´t stay out until midnight, but we did wear yellow! Here in Peru, it´s tradition to wear yellow to bring in the new year. I went to sleep on time, then at midnight Daysi and Hermana Cueva woke me up screaming and the whole world was literally on fire, it was epic...I thought the Christmas fireworks were crazy, they had NOTHING on this! It was a great way to ring in the new year.
We found a WONDERFUL FAMILIA DE ORO this week. Let me just relay this story to you. There´s this kid named Jaime. He´s my age. We found him once, taught him in his house, and committed him to baptism. Since then, we haven´t been able to teach him. But two times since then...we´ve had interesting experiences with him. The first, Hermana C and I were walking down the road and saw a boy walking towards us...she had this overwhelming feeling to talk to him...and it was Jaime! That was before we taught him, when we had been looking for him. We taught him that one time, couldn´t find him. Then one day we were in the park waiting for someone, and there was a guy in a hoodie on a bench nearby, I felt the overwhelming feeling simply of ¨JAIME. Go now.¨ And sure enough, it was him. The Lord wanted us to talk to Jaime...and now I know why. We still haven´t had the chance to teach him, but we stopped by his house again and found his parents and two siblings. His little Sister Maria is Kacey´s age and she is one sharp cookie. She understands everything we teach, and relays it a second time to her parents, she is super cool. They are awesome, we got to teach them twice this week and the spirit there was soooo strong. They´re prepping for baptism and I pray that they go through with it.
Saturday, I was a little sicky. BUT I GOT THE PACKAGE! Elder Dorado had to go to Lima to the clinic, and he promised to bring my package. It traveled with him all the way to my house and it was like Christmas all over again. Hermana Cueva, Daysi, and I were all stoked. Thank you mom. I said it once and I´ll say it again, you guys know me so well. I´m a freak, because the old skirts smelled like our house and that made me feel like I was home. I´m in love with the skirts, died in heaven with peanut butter and american chocolate... and cried my eyes out as I read the Christmas stories we read each year and looked at the awesome pictures you sent me. I love every part of that package...and Daysi LOVED the seagul book skirt...we both sported our new skirts on Sunday. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH. SERIOUSLY THANK YOU.
Sunday...oh dear. Okay, so the Solis family, the one that we´ve been working with, said they would come to church. Saturday night I was having weird dreams about them coming the whole time. I couldn´t sleep very well. Well...Sunday might as well have been a really weird dream. Our capilla is in a five story building. Well, yes they came, and I was stoked. But there were people on the first floor doing construction work and we couldn´t hear any of the testimonies, and then one of the ladies...her two dogs wandered into the chapel and were walking around...we tried to get them out but they wouldn´t budge, and all of the babies were crying because of the noise...oh man it was ridiculous, I couldn´t believe it was actual happening, and the pressure was ten times worse because this golden family was with us. We have another cita with them tomorrow though so I guess things are okay.
 Today I read a really great article by Elder Holland, of course it´s by Elder Holland, the great ones are haha. It´s called FAITH TO ANSWER THE CALL. It is AWESOME. He relayed stories about the pioneers and talks about the faith that they had to do what they did. At the end he said that we need to cultivate this kind of faith. ¨The fundamental driving force in these stories is faith...that this is the very church and Kingdom of God and that when you are called... YOU GO¨. I loved what he said at the end ¨We can serve the Church near at hand or at some distant outpost...like peru... if called. If we have loved and taught those at home, they will understand that when the call comes, they can be certain that (paraphrasing) their sister is going to go¨. You better believe I´m here. You better believe that Sister Stevie Carr knows that she´s supposed to be here. When the going gets rough, I just think about those pioneers. They went through so much for this gospel, why can´t I go through stomach pain, language trouble, and culture shock? It´s a small price to pay in comparison. I want you to know that I KNOW where this calling comes from. Brett, Kacey, Jake, TJ....I want you to know that ALWAYS when the calling comes, your sister is going to go. I want you to have that conviction. Root yourselves in the Gospel right now. Prepare for missions, every one of you, Kacey even if you don´t decide to go, still prepare. We need to have this kind of faith so that it is a reservoir for when the going gets tough...so that we can get going.
I love each of you. You´re always on my mind and your in my heart. I don´t mean that in a sappy way, but it´s true. Every time I feel week I remember that I´m the first one to go, and I need to be an example for my siblings. I´m trying my hardest not to disappoint you four... or our parents. You do your best not to disappoint them, me, and most importantly the Lord. You know what´s right, so do what is right.
Con todo amor,
Hermana Carr

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