January 14, 2014

January  13, 2014

Querida Familia,

Mom, I´m so glad that you got a do nothing week. Sometimes we just NEED those, and you definitely deserve it! You shouldn´t even feel a little guilty haha. But yeah, this was a productive week for us! We´re finally seeing changes and improvement, and it makes me nervous that I´m going to get transferred because of it haha. Sounds like you learned the same lesson in Sacrament meeting that I´m learning. Last week when I told you about our loco meeting, all I could think about is ¨WHAT IS THE SOLIS FAMILY THINKING?¨ When I should have just focused on myself and found that inner peace and time to think about the Savior.

This was a fantastic week. I love seeing myself progress and I love that I´m starting to understand people and to be able to speak and have them understand. It´s a true blessing. Monday was a great, relaxing P-day. Our district spent the day at the Castillo home (where I live), and we made pizza and watched Ephraim´s Rescue. It was super fun. Seriously Hermana Flor is the best, if I ever come back to Peru, I´m coming to Caraz, even if it´s JUST to visit her. Seriously.

This week we´ve been working hard with the Solis family who I introduced to you last week. Maria and Juan Carlos are seriously adorable. Monday night we had a family home evening with them and watched The Restoration. The mom, Sheyla said the closing prayer and the spirit was so strong as she asked to know if this was the right path for their family. She´s reading her Book of Mormon and developing a testimony of these things. We´re working hard to help her husband to recognize these things as well. Tuesday we had an activity in the Capilla, Hermana Cueva and I introduced the members to the movie The Testaments. We had four investigators come, including little Juan Carlos, he´s 11 and Maria is 14. Juan Carlos LOVED that movie. The next day when we came to visit their house, we had assigned them to read 3 Nephi 11. He was so excited as he exclaimed that it was the same as in the movie, and that Jesus said ¨Venid a mi y toca mis manos¨¨. It was sooo cute. Our new YW president is the wife of our ward mission leader, they are an upbeat, young couple and she has been great for Maria. Maria has come to church twice and is already starting her personal progress and has a part in the New Beginnings program. When people meet Juan Carlos and Maria, they firmly declare that they are getting baptized on the 25th. They have permission from their parents, who want to get baptized ¨mas adalante¨ but we´re working witht hem and I think they will be baptized as a whole family. At mutual on Saturday they talked about modesty, and Maria asked me if I had an extra skirt so she could look her best for Sunday. Thanks mom for sending me those two skirts from Seagull book. They´ve come in handy, and I gave one for Maria so that she could look her best and be modest for church. She loves it. Church dress is a problem in our ward, and in our ward council Hermana Marilin excitedly told everyone how even our investigator came to church in a skirt. The Solis family is fantastic. 

Another little miracle. Antonio, the man we recently helped to be reactivated, has a grandson that´s recently moved in with him. He´s been coming to church, loves the Young Mens program and is taking the discussions with us. He also wants to be baptized on the 25th...we´re working on getting permission from his parents. (for the family only=i´ve been studying my patriarchal blessing a lot lately, and there´s a part that says that I´m going to be an important leader for the youth, helping them to be on the straight and narrow path....I don´t think it´s a coincidence that we´re finding families with youth that are not members of the church. It´s so cool for me to see how my blessing applies to me in different parts of my life)

I´ve also started up Classes de Ingles otra vez. This was our second week trying again...and it was amazing. We had 5 of our investigators show up, and 20 members-menos activos. Before we were lucky to have 6 people show up. It was awesome, they participated, it wasn´t awkward, and I think THEY LEARNED!  

That´s my week in a nutshell! I´m so happy. It´s so much easier to be here when I feel like I really am making a difference for people, and the last two weeks I´ve felt that way. I feel like I´m doing what the Lord wants me to do, and when I´m actively working to become more like Him and bring His children to Him, that´s when I feel my best.

Thank you for all of your love and support. I feel it and I love it. I´m so blessed. This IS the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This IS the only and true way. This gospel helps men become better and people to know that they are children of a loving Heavenly Father, I absolutely LOVE it.

Love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK WITH FINALS BRETT AND KACEY.

Con MUCHO amor, su hermana, hija, y amiga,

Hermana Carr
[PS: I had chicken feet and intestines for dinner this week at the Solis house. Yum Yum. Count your blessings, name them oonnneee by onnneeee 

PSS- Sorry no pictures this week, the computer hates my camera today

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