January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014
So this week, wow this week was a little loco. Okay, I can´t even really remember well everything that happened haha. We were planning this week to baptize Sheila, Maria, and Juan Carlos. They were all set, and the night before their interview we had a lesson with them on the Word of Wisdom. No problems there, not even with Coffee or tea because Sheila is battling cancer and cánt drink that stuff. Well perfect, we´re ready to go...when...bam....she asks us if the church provides MARRIAGE SERVICES. Hermana Cueva and I exchange looks...¨Hermana Sheila, are you not married?¨....¨no¨. Are you SERIOUS?! We asked her and her husband weeeeeekksss ago and they said that they´ve been married for 14 years. When we taught the Law of Chastity, they said they would live it with no problems....yeah that wasn´t understood very well. So we were heartbroken...seriously heartbroken...and battling whether we should still baptize her children or wait for all of them. She is planning on getting married at the free ceremony on Feb 14th....and baptized the day after. We battled with whether we should baptize Maria and Juan Carlos, and felt that we should. We got permission for the ZLs and these two have TONS of support from their parents.
Friday we had a service activity in Yungay. Saturday there was a man that got baptized who is one of the most noble people I have ever met. He has SEVERE arthritis and his family owns a bunch of farming fields...that´s how they make their living. He can´t make the trip anymore, as he can barely walk. We pretty soon knew why. It´s about a mile and half straight up the mountain side to get to their fields...carrying farming tools and supplies, that´s one heck of a workout. I was exhausted just GETTING there...thank you elders for pointing out my red face haha. Then we began to rip out all of the grass in a field, the old fashioned way. It was like weeding our yard on steroids and it was SO much fun. We just goofed off and talked for hours and I felt SO good actually doing something with my hands knowing I was helping someone in need. I talked to the wife of the man as well, she was fascinated that I was a gringa working hard in her field (momma didn´t raise no slacker), and she was telling me how every day she comes up with her kids to save their fields and care for their animals...I just was so humbled by their circumstances and their diligence. Her youngest is Jake´s age and he´s their only son at home, he keeps a ton of the work going, and the fact that they make that hike each day is crazy. They´re an inspiration.
I got eaten alive at that field...my bug repellent does NOTHING for the insects here. So Saturday at the baptism, everyone was commenting on my giant, swelled up arm haha, don´t worry, I´m fine. The baptism was beautiful. Our whole district came, and a ton of members showed up. The river was a little swift but the sun was shining and I felt the Spirit there. I was so happy to have helped bring Juan Carlos and Maria to this Gospel, but it was bittersweet as their parents were sitting on the sidelines. I hope we can help them get married and baptized in the next little bit.
We have cambios (transfers) today...I´m nervous and I don´t know why. I´m pretty sure I´m here to see Hermana Cueva off to her house (she only has one more cambio!) but I don´t know...I guess we´ll see!
I love you guys so much. You´re an inspiration for me and keep me going each day. Always keep this gospel in your hearts and in your lives and be the shining examples I know that you are. I love you tons.
Have a wonderful week and know that I think of you often!
Con amor,
Hermana Carr

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