February 9, 2015

Feb. 9, 2015

Querida Familia, 

Mom, I love how every time you teach the lesson, it's the same lesson that we have in Sociedad de Socorro, it's such a testimony to me of the organization of the church and how everything is always connected. I love it. I hope you're surviving having all the kids to yourself! I'm glad Grandpa and Grandma came over for a while to be with you! And thank you for signing me up for everything and getting things figured out. TJ, great job with your Arrow of Light!!!! I'm so proud of you and I loved the picture! Jake, congrats on your new calling. I hope you realize how much the Lord trusts you right now with that. It's funny because I was thinking about you the other day when I was reading an old conference talk from a Priesthood session. A general authority was talking about a deacons quorum president that felt like he couldn't fulfill his responsibilities...his bishop reminded him that he was one of 4 people acting with priesthood keys in the ward. Then the deacon figured out how to help his quorum and fulfill his responsibilities...he had a quorum of 5 people and at the end he had 12 people in his quorum! The Lord's trusting you right now to be a light and help to everyone in the ward, and I know you'll do a great job magnifying your priesthood. TJ, don't worry, I'll pray for baby Donivan! 

This was another very special week for us. I just love Hermana Alonso so much, we're waiting for cambios right now and we're afraid she might be leaving me...but I'm grateful for the six weeks I was able to have with her. She's taught me SO much. 

On Tuesday... we were with the P.family.... they had some problems with their marriage and refused to talk to each other...with the magical convincing skills of Hermana Alonso we were able to get both of them together and talk things out. By the end of it the upset couple were hugging and holding hands and told us that they would do everything they can to find out if the gospel is true and get baptized on the 28th. Please keep them in your prayers! They're such sweet people. They humbled us this week by surprising us with gifts. They gave me a pair of turquois shoes... I couldn't believe it, and I didn't know how to respond. I just feel so much love for them, and they recognize that we're helping their family, even though they still don't exactly understand HOW. 

This week Hermano J. got baptized. I'm sure I've talked about J. before. I'm just SO amazed by the changes he's made in his life to embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When we met him... he was a depressed widower who'd found solace in cigars, alcohol and casinos. One of those ¨rough around the edges¨ kind of men, but seriously one of the most noble people I've met in my life. Every time we invited him to do something, whether it was to come to church or live the Word of Wisdom...he did it. He has so many hopes to help his wife, and as he comes to better understand obra vicaria, I know that he's going to find even MORE joy than he already feels. When he came to his baptism, he had cut his hair, and bought dress pants and a button up shirt. He looked so ELEGANTE:.. in the words of Hermana Alonso haha. When we saw him we both let out an audible WOW. When he gave his testimonio, wow.... he was so emotional and the spirit was SO strong during his baptism. We're working hard with Hermano J. and I know that he's going to be a rock solid convert. 

HERMANA ALONSO IS STAYYYYIIIINNNGGG WITH MEEEEE!!!! Just found out about cambios...we might be crying de alegría hahha. 

Wellllp that was my week in a nutshell! Pray that we find more people that are prepared for the Gospel, because we're planning on baptizing hasta el fin, there are SO many people waiting for the Gospel here, we just have to find them! 

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week,
Hermana Carr 

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