February 10, 2014

This week for P-day we went to a place called Punto Olympica. It was abosultely gorgeous in the mountains. We took the same tour bus we took to Chavin and it was a blast. We got to hike to a waterfall, see some of the BLUEST lakes of my life

Hola mi familia!!!
Thanks so much for writing, I hope you are doing well! Brett, sorry you've been sick, I hope you get better real quick and get that Stake President interview ASAP. I CANT WAIT TO HEAR WHEN YOU GET YOUR CALL TO CUZCO!!! haha. That will be awesome. Kacey, thanks for the love you shout out. Jakers, Im really sorry about your game but you put up a good fight, and hey, you aced Math is Cool for your last year and that is AWESOMEEEEE! And thank you for the random quote, it was a really great one and I love it! Heyro TJ, Im glad that you had an awesome week! I forgot to tell you that Javier LOVES HIS CAR. Seriously, the sticker is on his new bike and everything, thank you for being so thoughtful in sending that for him!!! Mom, thanks for sharing with me about those talks and your thoughts, I love hearing them. And its so true, I LOVE the people of Caraz. I know Im going to bawl like a baby when I have to leave. Dad, have an awesome week in Arizona and say hello to all the cousins for me. Please take TONS of pics and of the temple, I WANNA SEE!!!!

This has been an AMAZING spiritual week for me. I seriously feel so blessed and it is amazing to see my growth in just the last couple of months.

Like always, we have been working very hard with the S- family. Maria and Juan Carlos are doing great, they have great support in the church and are growing so much in the Gospel. And Hermana Sheila, man, she is practically a member without the baptism...she just needs to get baptized and she is SET. She has so much faith in the Lord and such as strong testimony of this Gospel. We are still working really hard with Juan. We had a great family home evening with them where we just talked and got to know them really well and then we taught the plan of salvation. I think that really brought things into perspective for him. Then last night we had an amazing lesson with him and the whole family. I had the strongest impression to make a promise to them, in a way that I have never felt before. They are facing some really delicate really tough job problems right now, and it is a huge trial for their family. I felt inspired to promise Juan that if he gets married on Friday and baptized this February together with his wife, they would find a solution to the problema and see the hand of the Lord in their life. It was a really spiritual experience for all of us I  think, I had so much fear to say it but I instantly felt calm and knew that if Juan does his part, it is going to come true. I love that family SO much.

This week we also were able to find an amazing investigator who is quickly progressing in the Gospel. His name is Oscar. I have never felt the Spirit so strongly in my mission as I did in his home. Oscar is a man in his sixties who takes care of his little grandson and lives with his daughter and her son. When we went to visit him for the first time, I had the strongest feeling to ask him about his wife, right as we were about to begin the prayer. I was about to ask him when Hermana Cueva asked if he wanted her to ask for something specific in the prayer. His eyes welled up with tears as he told us about his wife who past away two years ago, and how he has been struggling so much with this trial. The spirit instantly filled the room and as the prayer was offered all I could see was him being sealed to his wife. We had an amazing lesson with him that night about the Atonement and eternal families. We returned three more times this week, each time just as spiritual as the last. There is a special spirit in his home and I have never met somebody more prepared to accept the Gospel. He understands the scriptures, and already has a powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon. He is progressing well and he accepted a baptismal date for the 22nd. We are working hard with him and have had the opportunity to also know his daughter and begin teaching her as well. I just feel so strongly that his wife has been WAITING for him. They had a beautiful marriage and six kids and you can tell he loves her and misses her so much. I think the knowledge of eternal families has helped him SO much. He is the sweetest man and I always want to go to his house because the spirit is ridiculously strong there.

I love you guys so much. I hope that I say it enough, and show it enough, but I don't think I do. This Valentines Day I'm really just thinking about how much I love my family and friends back home, and how much I love the people that I am working with here. The Lord is helping me to see a Little of what He sees, and to love a Little like He does. I know that our Padre Celestial loves ALL of His children. All of us are SO special to Him. Please remember every person you meet is a child of God. Spread the love and serve others this special week. And remember how much I love you, always. Each of you means so very much to me, and I'm not just saying that. I pray for your welfare and safety, and mostly that you will always stay strong in the Gospel. This is where happiness lies.
Hermana Carr

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