September 18, 2013

Fisher of Men 

There are days I falter,
There are days I fall.
Sometimes I feel I’m not enough,
Yet my Lord extends His call.
Despite the things that I have planned,
My God extends the higher hand
And sends me to a place obscure,
To find His children, love and cure.
Amid the strife of mundane tasks,
I leave it as He beckons, as He asks.
My family, friends, the life I knew,
To teach God’s children in Peru.
For they are loved and they are known,
They are His very own.
In each language the message is the same,
That Christ, the Savior is to claim,
Every child, woman, man
Through His Atonement, yes He can.
And He has trusted me to proclaim,
The beauty, grace of His great name.
That Jesus Christ has saved us all,
From sin, from trial, from our fall.
If we but come unto our Lord,
All of eternity we can afford.
I am one, but not alone
He has called me to cast the net,
To open my eyes and help me see…
Fisher of men I must be,
For the Lord has need of me. 

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